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You must experience our AMAZING straightening product!! We are using a revolutionary next generation, non-toxic straightener. Just one treatment lasts for 3-6 months!!! Leaves natural volume, smoothing and reducing frizz and unruly curls. You are going to love the shine!!!Click on "Our Products" to learn more about it.

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I have had the gel nail treatment several times in different places throughout the world but never as good as Janine applied it.  Usually its about three weeks before the ugly gap appears.  It could be the product Shellac but I think its rather that she applied the gel so thinly that as it grew out, it was not too unsightly for me to match it with ordinary polish on top of the gel.  My nails lasted from 20 October to 3 December, six weeks of lovely fingernails, by then they were too long! 

Pammie H

My new "do"! My daughter and I both had Sibel, and she was wonderful! She did exactly what my daughter wanted, and she was pleased, which is a hard thing to come by as she is a teen. Sibel helped me pick 3 perfect colors for my hair, and after just a short glance at the picture of how I wanted my hair cut, she made it exact! We will definitely be back again!! And, I've already recommended....

Catherine M


I have been a customer of Sandyís for eight years. The salon is warm and inviting with a great staff and Sandy is fantastic! I look forward to my appointments which start with a cup of tea and a bit of British humor; a great way to start the day! You wonít be disappointed!

Beth K.

After years of dry and frizzy hair days, the crew at Sandy's put a keratin treatment in my hair.   What can I say?  I love it!  My hair is smooth, silky, and best of all, I just have to run a brush through it in the mornings. The true test was recently when I was in the drizzle. Normally it's a sure recipe for frizz, but to my surprise-nothing!  Sure there's an expense involved, but for months of easy-care hair I really believe the cost pales in comparison to the benefits!  Blow dry after washing, no flat ironing every day, and much less hair all over the place because I'm not pulling it out trying to brush it out-and yes, you can still color your hair!

Donna B.

I have been a customer of Sandyís for over 5 years, even since moving house which is an hour away. Once you find a great hairdresser that you are happy with why would you go anywhere else? I look forward to catching up with my stylist, Diana, and getting a good olí cup of English tea! My whole family come for their hair cuts too (my 2 year old and my husband). They treat me like a friend and we are ALWAYS happy with the service. BIG THUMBS UP!!

Caroline Moor

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