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Sandy's Hairstyling Salon is owned and operated by Sandy Wagner. Originally from England, she moved to Kaiserslautern in 1986, and began working in this exact same location, which at that time was obviously named something other than "Sandy's"!  Like many shop owners, Sandy eventually purchased the business from her boss (in 1996) after working there for 10 years.

Now, after 25 years working in the same KMC location, and 15 years as the owner, she can still recall their first American customer in 1986.  That customer still visits the shop every six weeks; back then she had no idea she was starting a new demographic for the success of our business, which is now 80% American.

Our customers consist of individuals and families of all origins, backgrounds and ages.  We keep business very simple "just doing our best", using excellent quality products, staying current with the latest trends, and establishing a rapport with our clients that is representative of our appreciation for the trust they place in us.

Customers measure the value of their time spent at Sandy's by how great they feel when they leave. Our vast number of happy customers and resulting referrals  is one way our staff measures their level of job satisfaction. Another contributing factor is the sense of "family", knowing they have become part of great team and that is likely to be for life. 

Languages spoken in the salon include British Englisch, American English and high & low German; and one team member is Turkish so we show off with that just for fun. All hair stylists, including the nail technicians who are all trained hairdressers, have their specialties and passions, but each is a good "allrounder" (British: a person who is skilled in many different areas)  ~ skilled colorists, stylists and much much more!,

Over the last 1/4 century our staff has traveled many many miles visiting first class hair and beauty seminars, shows, workshops, and venues that inspires us to be creative while playing the game of beauty, hair and wellness.

In addition to our individual customers who represent the bulk of our business, we also enjoy working with groups of customers. We host Styling Parties, Birthday Parties, Prom Preparation Parties and Image Parties. In the near future we hope to launch a Mother & Kids Salon Service, creative workshops with Englisch Teas or Buffets, Princess Parties and Wellness Parties. Please click on "Hair Happenings" for more on this topic!

Our expectation for each customer is to leave Sandy's feeling relaxed, confident they received an excellent value for the cost of services and eager to tell their friends about us!  


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Business Hours


1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Tuesday - Friday

9:00 AM - 6:30 PM


8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

We accept walk-ins until 6pm Monday-Friday,
and until 3pm on Saturday, but only upon availability.
The best way to guarantee your appointment is by making one!!
All appointments must be made by telephone or in person (not Email!)

Thank You!

67663 Kaiserslautern
Leipziger Str. 150
Telephone: 0631- 90 606

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